Matheson Center For Health Care Studies

Utah's Health: An Annual Review

Utah's Health: an Annual Review is a peer reviewed journal and statistical update focusing on the issues timely to the health of Utah's population. Its purpose is to provide readers with current and pertinent information regarding health and health care in Utah as compared to the nation, as well as to generate interest in and to facilitate discussion of health-related topics. Utah's Health: An Annual Review is compiled and edited by University of Utah undergraduate and graduate students.

The journal has four main sections: Original Research Articles, Data Pages, Perspectives, and the Directory.

Original Research Articles are contributions by administrators, educators, policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and scholars. Preference is given to articles that report the results of independent research that has not been previously published.

Data Pages have four subsections: Demographics; Health Status; Risk Factors; Health Care Costs, Access and Quality. A narrative accompanies the data to point out important trends in Utah and to provide guidance in interpretation. The data section also furnishes references indicating more detailed sources including secondary sources readily available to the general public.

Perspectives are contributions that provide readers with basic information regarding various health care topics and issues that have arisen. These articles present opinions and insights on important topics that are relevant to the state of health in Utah. Perspectives include Reviews and Brief Reports.  Reviews provide a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art knowledge in a defined area, including questions, conceptions, and future research directions. Reviews are generally limited to eight printed pages including figures, tables and references.  Brief reports pertain to clinical, laboratory, pilot study, prevention, or intervention topics.  These submissions should be organized and prepared in the same manner as a full-length manuscript but should cite no more than 12-15 references. They are normally limited to two printed pages.

The Directory provides a listing of various health care related agencies in Utah. Its intention is not to be exhaustive but rather to provide readers with the means to further understand particular issues or problems through contact with agencies concerned with those issues or problems.

The ongoing mission of Utah's Health: An Annual Review is to inform interested Utahns and others about the status of health and health care in the state. It is our desire that Utah's Health will help the reader to comprehend these issues, particularly since health care and health care reform has become one of the nation's most critical issues.