Matheson Center For Health Care Studies

Admission Procedure

Students who wish to enroll in the health services administration program must make separate application to the University's interdisciplinary Health Services Administration (HSA) Program. In order to apply:

  • The HSA applicant must be already matriculated or accepted for matriculation in a participating master's degree program at the University.

  • The candidate must then apply separately for admission to the Health Services Administration Program by:

  1. submitting to the HSA Program Director a brief 1-2 page "Statement of Intent" outlining reasons for pursuing the Health Services Administration emphasis including related personal and professional experience and career goals, AND

  2. having a personal interview with the HSA Program Director.

  3. The Statement of Intent should be sent to Richard J. Sperry, M.D., Ph.D., 175 North Medical Drive East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84132.  Interviews with Dr. Sperry are scheduled by his assistant, Sue Dean, at 801-581-5619, or,

Candidates can be accepted into the HSA Program at any time during the year, either concurrently with their application to a participating masters program or after they have begun such a program. Students wishing to minimize the amount of additional time added to their masters program by the addition of the HSA emphasis are strongly encouraged to make application to the HSA Program at the start of their graduate studies.