Matheson Center For Health Care Studies


Listed below are the courses of the HSA curriculum. Note that there are options in some categories. If only one course is listed in a category, then that specific course is required for all HSA students. Note further that certain courses will be charged at higher than “general graduate tuition” rates, particularly in the David Eccles School of Business and the College of Nursing. For tuition information in the School of Business, call 581-7785. For information about the College of Nursing, call 581-8798.

A. MANAGEMENT SKILLS (12.5-16.5 Semester Hours)

  1. Accounting & Budgeting & Finance

    1.1 Finance A (choose one of the following):
    a. ACCT 6000—Financial Accounting (3)
    b. ACCT 6001—Managerial Accounting (1.5)
    c. HEDU 5450*—Health Care Financial Management (3)
    (*)Students taking HEDU 5450, must also take POL S 6380 (see A.1.2 below).
    1.2 Finance B (choose one of the following):
    a. Finance 6020—Financial Management (3)
    (Prerequisite: ACCT 6000 or ACCT 6001)
    b. POL S 6380—Public Budgeting and Finance (3)
  2. Legal Aspects of Health Services Management (choose one of the following):
    a. POL S 6230—Administrative Law ( 3)
    b. FPMD 6603 or 6604—Law and Medicine I or II (2)
    Note: This category is not required of MBA students.
  3. Organizational Behavior (choose one of the following):
    a. MGT 6051—Managing and Leading in Organizations (3)
    b. MGT 5680—Human Behavior in Organizations (3)
    c. POL S 6330—Practice of Public Management (3)
  4. Management Information Systems (choose one of the following):
    a. ACCT 6010—Management Information Systems (1.5)
    b. NURS 6800—Intro to Clinical Informatics (2)
  5. Marketing Skills (this course required)
    MKTG 6550—Marketing for Health Professionals (2)

B. HEALTH CARE SERVICES (4-5 Semester Hours)

  1. Health Care Systems (choose one of the following):
    a. HEDU 5100—Health Care in the United States (3)
    b. HEDU 6790—Health Services Administration (3)
    c. FPMD 6401—Health Policy and Managed Care (2)
    d. NURS 6002—Health Care Delivery (2)
  2. HSA Capstone Seminar (this course required)
    POL S 6880—Health Services Administration Seminar (2)
    Note: This course should be taken no sooner than the year the student will graduate.


  1. Health Economics (this course required)
    ECON 6190—Health Economics (3)
  2. Health Policy (this course required)
    POL S 6321—Health Policy (3)
  3. Health Behavior (this course required)
    FPMD 6600—Social Context of Medicine and Public Health (2)


  1. Statistics: One (or more) graduate level course(s) in statistics or research methods and design, as required by the student’s degree program. Courses that apply:

    a. ED PS 6010—Introduction to Statistics & Research Design (3)
    b. NURS 6000—Scholarly Inquiry (3)
    c. POL S 6290—Quantitative Methods in Public Admin. (3)
    d. MGT 6040—Data Analysis & Decision Making (3)
    e. SOC 6120—Statistics I (3)
    f. SO WK 6412—Critical Utilization of Research (3)
    g. SO WK 6441—Advanced Research I in Health (2)
    h. SO WK 6442—Advanced Research II in Health (2)
    i. ECON 7001—Quantitative Methods I (3)
    j. ECON 7002—Quantitative Methods II (3)
    k. FPMD 6100—Introduction to Biostatistics (3)
  2. Epidemiology (this course required):
    FPMD 6300—Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
  3. Program Evaluation (choose one of the following):
    a. HEDU 6080—Health Educ. Prog. Planning & Evaluation (3)
    b. NURS 6003—Program Planning and Development (3)